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Claudio e Paolo Ladisa | Artisti Performer e Coreografi | Italia

Claudio e Paolo Ladisa

Artists and choreographers capable of ranging from ballet to contemporary circus, Claudio and Paolo Ladisa, in their contamination of the arts, influence the performances and shows they bring to the stage in an innovative explosion of acrobatics and aerial dance.

Claudio e Paolo Ladisa


When organizing an event, you can leave absolutely nothing to chance. This Claudio and Paolo Ladisa know it well and use their experience to plan the entertainment for large and small events down to the smallest detail. 

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Thanks to the great experience gained over the years, both as artists and as choreographers and directors, for large and small events, Claudio and Paolo Ladisa will know how to add a touch of magic to your event. 

Coreografi spettacolo


From photo shoots to commercials, up to the creation of an event or a show, Claudio and Paolo Ladisa collaborate in the round to be able to realize the expectations of their users in order to satisfy all requests in the best possible way.

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