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claudio e paolo ladisa artisti coreografi_ballerini acrobati danza aerea

they are always looking for new collaborations to translate their experiences

in art. Their approach to direction and choreography is always continuous

evolution, an evolution that reflects the constant refinement of their distinctive style

from the contamination of the various disciplines they know and continue to

experiment and deepen without ever limiting the possibility of learning about it

new. Considered versatile artists, they approach each project with total enthusiasm and

dedication because, as they say << ... in the entertainment world every

adventure offers new and always different experiences. >>


Acrobatic dancers, but also teachers and choreographers, as well as artistic directors e

art directors, are always ready to deliver the most spectacular performances either

as artists of creators in film, theater, television,

of entertainment and tourism in major events, fashion shows, video clips, television shows,

plays, musicals. Throughout their career they have worked with renowned directors and masters

and with large internationally renowned companies such as "La fura dels bauls" and "Cirque du Soleil".


Currently national CSAIn delegates. in the training of acrobatic gymnastics teachers (AIR DANCE method), they actively collaborate with the NEXT GENERATION ACADEMY , training academy for artists and teachers.


Claudio e Paolo Ladisa,

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